Yellow weather warning issued for thunderstorms bursting across UK –

The Met Office has issued a yellow alert for thunderstorms which began unleashing floods on Thursday.
Heavy downpours broke out across most of northern England, the Midlands and the South East in the morning, with hail and strong winds rattling windows in East Anglia and London.
Forecasters warned of power cuts, train cancellations and road closures as the sheer volume of rainfall threatened to overwhelm infrastructure in some areas.
Flash floods have begun affecting towns such as Gravesend, Kent, where roads were submerged in pools as deep as some cars’ undercarriage after the local drainage system failed to keep up.
Drivers around the country were told to watch out for ‘spray and sudden flooding’ as well as flash flooding severe enough to affect homes and businesses.
The Met’s alert covers most inland areas between the capital and Newcastle except for the West Midlands, though flooding has been seen further south.
The heaviest storms were centred around Cambridgeshire and South and West Yorkshire on Thursday morning, with rainfall hitting 30mm per hour in King’s Lynn, Boston, Sheffield and Wakefield.
The alert is set to remain in place until at least 1pm, by which time the weather formations will fan outwards across England.
Intense rainfall is expect to continue in the afternoon over most of northern England and Suffolk.
Wet and windy weather is likely to ‘dominate’ the rest of the week, the Met added, although temperatures will stay ‘quite high’.
Meteorologist Alex Deakin said a ‘large area of low pressure’ from the Atlantic means ‘bands of showery rain over the next five days, with the isobars often squeezing together, bringing spells of gusty winds’.
He continued: ‘It’s going to be warmer than average by day and particularly warmer than average across the south at night.
‘Between these weather fronts, there will, at times, be spells of sunshine and when the sun is out it’s going to feel quite mild.’
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