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Jodi Cross got pregnant during the second COVID-19 lockdown in 2021 after a year of trying to start a family.
The Covid-19 pandemic might be showing signs of ebbing but we can never forget what it brought upon us. However, the lockdown also allowed us to spend time with our loved ones. Many even became parents during the Covid-19 lockdown. Another story of an unusual name of a baby has surfaced online. A mother who named her baby after the lockdown said that she has no regrets about choosing an unusual name for her daughter.
Jodi Cross got pregnant during the second COVID-19 lockdown in 2021 after a year of trying to start a family. Jodi and her husband Rob wanted an unusual name for their baby to remember the lockdown. So when their baby was born on November 28, last year they named Lockie.

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According to Independent UK, Jodi said that the lockdown was a really good time in their lives despite the pandemic and they named their daughter after it. She also mentioned that she has no regrets about their name choice.
The mother of one shared, “We had been trying for a year to get pregnant and lockdown meant I was furloughed and Rob was working less. I think we just relaxed a bit because we had so much more time than we normally would, and then we found out I was pregnant.”
She also added that when her daughter was born a new variant of COVID (Omicron) was spreading so they knew she would be a lockdown baby. “So we named her Lockie for lockdown – we liked the name, and the lockdown was a good time in our lives because it was so relaxing,” she told the publication house.
Lockdown was not only the reason for Jodi naming her baby but the couple explained that there were several incidents where the word repeatedly appeared. Jodi, who is a professional hairdresser, stated that one of her customers who came to her surname was Lockey at the time when the couple was considering names.
Jodi also mentioned that people might not like names but she doesn’t care what they think.
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