Watch video: Replica of Prophet’s sandals showcased at Saudi exhibit – Gulf News

9-month show sheds light on the Prophet’s Hijirah journey from Mecca to Medina
Cairo: A 13th century replica of sandals that the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), wore is shown at an exhibition retracing his historical emigration from Mecca to the Medina in present-day Saudi Arabia.
The copy was manufactured by Andalusian craftsmen, Saudi media reported.
The replica is part of items shown at an exhibition recently opened at the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture (Ithra) in the Eastern Province.
The nine-month exhibition is planned to move to the Saudi cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Medina.
At its centre is the Prophet’s 622 AD journey, historically known as Hijirah from Mecca to Medina, a milestone event in Islam’s history.
“It is not just an exhibition. It is an integrated project presented in an unprecedented modern way, featuring a mobile global show,” said Ithra Director Abdullah Al Rashid, according to Al Arabiya.
The exhibit, he added, features a collection of antiquities, and 14 interactive stops exquisitely designed by local and foreign experts as well as a documentary and a book recounting the Hijirah story. Hijirah marks the start of the Islamic lunar calendar.

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