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A new report says Thor: Love and Thunder is still undergoing reshoots for scenes featuring Christian Bale’s villain, Gorr the God Butcher.
Thor: Love and Thunder is reportedly doing reshoots with Christian Bale’s Gorr, the God Butcher. Director Taika Waititi is returning to the MCU with Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo film as the God of Thunder. Thor 4 breaks the MCU’s trilogy formula, with the Asgardian Avenger being the first hero to get a fourth standalone project. Set after the events of the Infinity Saga, Thor: Love and Thunder will see the Avenger squaring off with a new villain in Gorr, played by previous Batman star, Bale.
Officially announced during Marvel Studios’ Hall H panel back in San Diego Comic-Con 2019, both the Thor: Love and Thunder release date and filming start was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Eventually, the MCU film wrapped up principal photography in Australia, with the cast and crew doing additional work in the United States. Now, however, with just roughly four months to go before the film is set to hit theaters in July, and a Thor: Love and Thunder trailer release yet to be seen, Waititi is apparently still busy working on the upcoming MCU flick with reshoots ongoing.
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According to a new report by The Ankler‘s Jeff Sneider (via The Direct), Thor: Love and Thunder is currently undergoing reshoots, mostly focused on scenes with Bale’s Gorr. The shooting is reportedly occurring in Manhattan Beach, California. Sneider also hinted that the ongoing Thor 4 reshoots are the reason why Marvel Studios has yet to release the much-anticipated first trailer for the blockbuster. Unfortunately, there were no additional details provided as to why Waititi is reshooting the villain’s scenes.
The reported location of the Thor: Love and Thunder reshoots as Manhattan Beach certainly makes sense. The first images of Bale’s Gorr showed the actor filming in costume on a beach back in August 2021, so it is presumed that the reshoots may be for this same scene. Sneider’s tease that the reshoots are also behind the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer release delay are unlikely to appease demands for a first-look at the project, however, since it has not received any official marketing material. In fact, some theaters have started using fan-made Thor: Love and Thunder posters to hype up the blockbuster’s upcoming premiere without any official images from Marvel Studios. Ultimately, however, reshoots are very common in major films, and even the upcoming Doctor Strange 2 has been undergoing more filming in recent months. Given this, the Thor 4 reshoots are likely not cause for concern, and could have long been incorporated into the movie’s schedule.
In any case, it makes sense that Marvel Studios still hasn’t started actively promoting Thor: Love and Thunder. Firstly, Kevin Feige and his team are busy pushing for the Disney+ series Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness — both of which are slated to release first. Secondly, with a prominent Avenger at its forefront, not to mention the fact that it features a star-studded cast, Thor 4 has already gained similar levels of anticipation to Spider-Man: No Way Home, so Marvel can get away with a more relaxed marketing campaign. Considering Waititi’s previous work in the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder is likely to be an action-packed, unique and entertaining addition to the MCU’s Phase 4 no matter what.
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