This is how Facebook's 'unlimited chocolate' trick actually works –

Spoiler: there’s no such thing as unlimited chocolate. Unless of course you’re Charlie Bucket. Or you’re the Nestle heir or something.
Nevertheless, a Facebook video by Antonio Lievano, the guy behind YouTube channel SoFlo, which claims to show how to magic chocolate out of thin air, has been watched over 25 million times online in the past week.
Because we live in hope.
It’s not a new trick but it is pretty hard to get your head around.
The clip shows someone carefully cutting up a chocolate bar, removing one chunk of chocolate, and then piecing the bar back together again.
To the naked eye, it looks as though the chocolate bar hasn’t changed in size at all, despite the removal of one whole piece of chocolate.
Some people really wanted to believe it was real.
Grab 2
But, of course it’s not real. It’s impossible to create chocolate out of thin air. It’s all lies.
It’s the classic missing square puzzle.
By cutting the chocolate up and rearranging it, you are displacing enough volume to allow you to remove a whole chunk from the bar. You’re not creating any extra chocolate; it just looks like that to the naked eye.
You only see this:
Chocolate gif
What’s actually happening is this:
Chocolate gif 2
Unlimited chocolate doesn’t exist and dogs don’t like hugs
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