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By Abhinav Mital, Founder, The WorldGrad
The United Kingdom (UK) has emerged as a favourite study destination for international students in recent years. Due to various prominent features like excellent educational infrastructure, distinguished teaching methodology, quality research, rich cultural and ethnic heritage, and diverse culture, the UK has become a major international hub for higher studies. The United Kingdom is home to over 160 prestigious universities offering various specialised courses in diverse fields of IT, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Business Administration etc.
However, international students must be advised that British Prime Minster recently made an announcement in regards to the entry of foreign students to UK on study visa. As per the announcement made, the British government plans to clamp down the number of student visas granted per year generally to manage the foreign immigration in the country. Though a degree earned from a UK university is recognized and respected around the world, the recent changes in the UK’s foreign students policy may impact the plans of students who aspire to study in UK.
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The UK student visa comparatively is easier to obtain than in other international higher education destinations. The country facilitates a systematic and convenient method for acquiring a visa that allows a student to study in the United Kingdom. The UK student visa can be applied for online at the UK Government’s webpage or the UK embassy situated in the specific country. It is noteworthy that a post-study work visa provides various options to international students for employment opportunities in the UK job market. A UK student visa issued for full-time degree-level studies allows a student to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during term time.
The United Kingdom is deemed one of the finest destinations for higher education worldwide due to its effective and supreme education standards. British universities are recognised internationally for their creative and challenging academic environments, which help students to reach their best potential. The academic curriculum in UK’s educational institutes and universities is taught by subject experts and experienced faculty. Apart from being a great academic hub, the United Kingdom welcomes students from all over the world leading to a beautiful cultural diversity. Studying among students of various ethnicities and cultures can be a wonderful learning experience for an individual. As the world continues to become increasingly globalised, it is imperative to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds. Cultural diversity is one of the most significant and advantageous aspects of studying in the UK.
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One of the most significant aspects of foreign studies is the convenient financing of the specific course fee.The fee for different academic courses or programs in UK varies as per the specific educational institution. Fortunately, there are various financing companies available in the market which grant easy foreign education loans under the Hybrid model. The mentioned model grants the liberty to students to avail the loan and begin the first year of academic curriculum while staying in the native country and eventually the loans can be availed when a student is in the UK. Hybrid foreign education loan has become a favourite education financing option for students due to its flexibility and ease of access.
The United Kingdom is one the eminent countries that provide a lot of incentives and benefits to international students. The average cost of the courses provided including the university’s fees in most British universities is approximately calculated as £15,000 to £25,000 annually, which is comparable to other popular international destinations for higher studies. Thus, a lot of international students choose to study in the UK due to the affordable costs and the multiple benefits it offers. Notably, many scholarship programmes are sponsored by universities in the UK, which reward international students financially. In addition to the same, many educational institutes impart specific supplementary courses free or at nominal costs to benefit the students. International students who hold a valid student visa are entitled to receive health services from the National Health Service (NHS), a government-funded medical and healthcare service provider in the United Kingdom.
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A degree earned from a reputed UK university adds volumes to the student’s professional resume. British higher education is imparted by utilising the best infrastructure in combination with a competitive curriculum adhering to international standards. Students who have acquired higher education in the United Kingdom successfully become preferred candidates for jobs in the reputed fields of IT, engineering, business, healthcare etc. It is advisable for international students to wisely select the right universities and programs which have a track record of placement and employment. As per the current trends, international students prefer universities and colleges which have in-house campus recruitment cells in order to increase their chances of getting employment after the course completion.
The education opportunities in the United Kingdom can be a wholesome experience for students. However, in wake of the recent international developments on social and political fronts, it has become imperative for students to make wise decisions in regards to foreign education.
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