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The University North Dakota Study Abroad program offers many different programs and locations with the most popular being Norway, Spain, Australia, The United Kingdom, South Korea, and more!
Kelsie Hildebrand, Editor-in-Chief

The University North Dakota Study Abroad program offers many different programs and locations with the most popular being Norway, Spain, Australia, The United Kingdom, South Korea, and more! For more information on programs and locations, visit You can also create your own Study Abroad profile that matches you to programs that align with your major and interests.  
UND requires students to have earned at least 24 university-level credits before scheduled departure and a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 to participate in the Study Abroad program. Students also must be in good standing with the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities and have an updated Passport.  
Costs vary on several different factors such as where you go, when you go, what courses you take, and more which you can find on your Study Abroad profile. Due to Covid, the Study Abroad program became operational again just last spring which led to Mackenna Satrom stepping up to the plate.  
Junior Makenna Satrom participated in the Study Abroad program this past summer of 2022. She traveled to Barcelona, Spain for International Marketing. She was signed up for a three-credit class that had to be completed in the time span of the one month she was living there. She went to her class, face-to-face, through the Barcelona’s program, Barcelona SAE.  
“I wanted to study abroad because I have always wanted to travel and never knew where to begin,” Satrom said. “The program I went through offered a business course I would have needed to take at UND.” 
Satrom met so many new people from not only Barcelona, Spain but also the United States from other Study Abroad programs. “It is fun to meet new people especially because I would not have met them without going abroad,” Satrom said. “I would 100% study abroad again and highly recommend it to everyone!” 
It is never too early to start planning,” Study Abroad Marketing & Event Planning Assistant Taylor Lemmerman said. “We recommend that you start this process at least one year prior to the term you plan on studying abroad as applications are due the term before you intend to go.” 
Firstly, you will create your Study Abroad profile and explore all the program options by filling out the intake survey. Then you will attend a Study Abroad 101 Session which covers the basics of Study Abroad through UND.  
Meeting with your academic advisor is the next step to discuss how the program can fit in with your academic plan and schedule. You will then receive a Study Abroad advisor who will help you navigate the application process and planning for your time abroad.  
Finally, setting a budget using the Cost & Aid Scholarship page with the tools provided and exploring scholarship opportunities to fund your new adventure. Follow UND Study Abroad on Instagram and Facebook @undstudyabroad for information postings on events, deadlines, scholarships, and stories for alums with shared experiences.  
9% of UND students are freshmen when they go abroad. 25% are sophomores, 40% are juniors, and 26% are seniors. 
Kelsie Hildebrand is the Dakota Student Editor-in-Chief. She can be reached at [email protected]

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