Regaining borders in doubt as record 21,000 migrants cross the Channel this year – Daily Mail

By Georgia Edkins Whitehall Correspondent For The Mail On Sunday


Ever since a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU was mooted, politicians have said Brexit will allow us to take back control of our borders.
But a Government report, which shows migrants will continue to arrive on our shores in huge numbers for at least another five years, makes a mockery of those promises. 
According to the National Strategy for Maritime Security, up to 250,000 are set to make the Channel crossing to the UK by 2027. 
In the week ending August 14 alone, 1,974 migrants made it here in small boats, taking the total so far in 2022 to more than 21,000 – a record for this stage of the year. 
This analysis of the ‘regain control of our borders’ rhetoric of politicians – Tory and Labour – demonstrates it was nothing but empty words… 

DOMINIC RAAB (Deputy Prime Minister), November 2016: ‘The British people gave a clear mandate for the UK Government to leave the EU and take back control of our borders.’   
MICHAEL GOVE MP (Leave Campaign Chief), June 2016: ‘There is one absolutely clear-cut dividend from leaving the EU. That is our ability to regain control of our borders, including far stronger powers over who we can deport, and proper preventative checks at the border.’
DAVID DAVIS (then Brexit Secretary), June 2016: ‘We have an amazing mandate – 17 million votes. The EU Commission must realise the British public have made it clear where they stand on regaining control of our borders.’
IAIN DUNCAN SMITH MP (Tory Brexiteer), June 2016: ‘The only way to get control of our borders is to leave the EU.’
PENNY MORDAUNT MP (Tory leadership candidate), April 2016: Leaving the EU would allow Britain to ‘take back control of our borders’.
KWASI KWARTENG (Business Secretary), February 2019: ‘For over two years, we have worked to deliver a deal that honours the referendum. We want a smooth departure from the EU with a deal that gives us control of our borders.’
GISELA STUART (ex-Labour MP and Brexiteer), May 2016: ‘The EU referendum is our last chance to take back control. If we don’t seize it, imagine where Britain will be after another 20 years of immigration out of control.’
NADHIM ZAHAWI (Chancellor), July 2017: ‘The whole Cabinet is happy with knowing that March 2019 means we take back control of our borders.’
According to the National Strategy for Maritime Security, up to 250,000 migrants are set to make the Channel crossing to the UK by 2027, despite politicians’ rhetoric of ‘regaining control’ over borders. Pictured are migrants crossing the shipping lane in the English channel off the coast of Dover on August 4
ANDREA LEADSOM MP (Tory Brexiteer), July 2016: ‘Freedom of movement will end and the British Parliament will decide how many people enter our country each year.’
RISHI SUNAK (Tory leadership candidate), February 2016: ‘We must have control of our borders and we can only do that outside of the EU.’
KIT MALTHOUSE (Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster), June 2016: ‘Withdrawal from the EU would give us greater control of our borders.’
JOHN LONGWORTH (former British Chambers of Commerce Director-General), October 2017: ‘The people of the UK voted to leave the EU in order to take back control of our borders.’
ANNE_MARIE TREVELYAN (International Trade Secretary), February 2018: ‘It’s clear to all of us who fought for Brexit that we will be regaining control of our borders.’
TOM PURSGLOVE (Justice Secretary), February 2022: ‘Our Nationality and Borders Bill takes back control of our borders and reflects what the British people want.’
SUELLA BRAVERMAN (Attorney General), October 2019: ‘Now, under the leadership of Boris Johnson, we have a new proposal that means we take back control of our laws and our borders.’
STEVE BARCLAY (Health Secretary), November 2018: ‘We will control our own borders and end free movement once and for all.’
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