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Wia dis foto come from, Peter Obi
Presidential aspirant wey bin dey contest on the platform of People's Democratic Party (PDP) Peter Obi say im no dey desperate to become Nigeria president.
On Wednesday 25 May, 2022 oga Obi dump PDP and im 2023 presidential ambition inside Nigeria main opposition party.
Oga Obi also say im no dey rule out possibility of consensus candidate "as far as say wuru-wuru no dey inside."
Di former Anambra state govnor tok dis one for dis earlier interview with BBC Pidgin about im 2023 presidential ambition.
Nigeria election dey hold for February 2023, according to di Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec), Nigeria election body.
Ahead of the election political party for Nigeria don begin process to elect who go represent dem for the election.
Di main opposition party PDP don fix May 30 as day of dia national convention. 15 aspirants na im don show interest to to represent di party for di ogbonge election.
"My life long ambition na to see Nigeria wey dey prosperous. I no dey desperate to become Nigeria president", e tok.
Wia dis foto come from, Peter Obi
Peter Obi dey among di 15 pipo wey don show interest to win the PDP ticket ahead of di election.
Di aspirant wey wey be two term govnor of Anambra state for Southeast Nigeria say im get wetin e take to lead Nigeria.
"I be successful man by all measure before I enta politics. No be politics give me so money wey I get.
"I no wan become president sake of wetin I go chop. I want become Nigeria president because of wetin I wan offer.
"If na money I want I no go leave over N70 billion naira for Anambra state account wen I dey comot. How govnors fit do dat kain tin?
Oga Obi say God don bless am wit evri tin e need for life. E also say di current situation for di kontri need pesin wey sabi economy mata.
Peter Obi say im no dey fear any of di candidates becos im believe im record beta pass. E call on Nigerians to go check di record and background of a di aspirants before dem make decision.
E say im educational and business background dey open for pipo to know wetin im don do.
"Na only me and Atiku be di business men.
"If na Education all of us go school. For corporate world I don be Director for different companies. I achieve all dis tins as a young man.
"As govnor I leave office without owing pension, salary, gratuity. I no borrow money, I no owe contractor for di eight years wey I dey and I still leave plenty money for account.
"Make Nigerians check dis record and decide who dem want."
E say as pesin wey sabi wetin concern economy im plan na to make Nigeria productive.
" My own be say we need to move as a kontri wey dey consume to kontri wey dey produce. My economic policy na to make Nigeria productive.
"I achieve dis one by giving pipo support to start business. Na so dem dey do for oda part of so world. China, Vietnam and even oda parts of Africa. Na to give job and support business go help pull pipo out of poverty.
"If poverty no dey criminality no go dey."
Wia dis foto come from, Peter Obi
Peter Obi wit former Nigerian leader, Olusegun Obasanjo
"We dey in a situation where tins no dey work well. Everi tin na sanitary, one criminality or the other. And pipo no dey job, dem no get food, we need fix am.
On security Obi say di main tin wey fit stop insecurity for Nigeria na to provide work.
However, e agree say need also dey to equip security agencies to fit do dia work well.
"Di problem of insecurity na di same all over Nigeria and na di same formula we go use to address all of dem.
"Weda North or South or even Southeast na di same way. And di way na to provide jobs. If work dey pipo no get get time to commit crime. Mexico, Brazil and some oda contribs don experience di kain problem wey we dey face now.
Peter Obi say im dey make pipo for Northern Nigeria know say dia land na asset to dem.
E say wetin Northern Nigeria get better pass oil wey dey oda part of di kontri.
E say di pipo of dat region need pesin wey fit open up di North and begin spread wealth.
"Venezuela get oil ten times more dan Nigeria. Even for America Texas wey get oil no get money reach California wey no get oil.
"Land wey dey for North olenty. E go fit feed di whole of Nigeria. By di time you put some of di land wey for Nigeria e pass di one wey dey for Vietnam.
Wia dis foto come from, Peter Obi
Peter Obi na politician and businessman.
Im na former govnor of Anambra state for southeast Nigeria. E serve two term between 2008 to 2016.
Oga Obi bin dey All Progressive Grand Alliance (Apga) before e join PDP for 2017.
Im also be sabi pesin for wetin concern economy matter.
For 2019, e come out as vice presidential candidate of Atiku Abubakar. But dis year 2022 e don decide to go for di president position.
Peter Obi say im administration as president go create jobs, boost Nigeria economy, and improve education.
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