People suspicious about BeReal coinciding with news about the Queen –

BeReal does it again. This time the ‘authentic’ social media app went off at a moment when everyone was tuned in to the news surrounding the Queen’s health.
Everyday at a different time, BeReal simultaneously notifies its users to capture and share a photo in just two minutes of receiving the notification.
Today’s BeReal notification happened to be sent out at around 2.29 pm, just after news broke that the Queen was under medical supervision with doctors concerned for her health.
People were quick to notice this and wasted no time in tweeting about it.
‘I can’t believe I found out about the Queen potentially dying from BeReal,’ tweeted one user.
Turns out, it might not be a coincidence after all.
‘Push notifications are sent around the world simultaneously at different times each day. It’s a secret on how the time is chosen every day, it’s not random :)’ a BeReal spokesperson told
The timing of today’s notification was even more suspicious as it’s not the first time the app has notified users during a major event.
Just this week, BeReal’s notification happened to be sent out at at the exact moment when the new Conservative Party leader Liz Truss’ was giving her acceptance speech.
imagine finding out who your new prime minister is and also that queen liz died all in the span of one week THROUGH BEREAL
While it’s usually Twitter that steals the thunder during major political moments, this time around BeReal seems to be the clear winner.
BBC reporting that the Queen is being made as comfortable as possible #LondonBridge

BeReal admin:
Follow’s live blog for the latest updates, and sign’s book of condolence to Her Majesty here.
While BeReal has admitted that the timing of the daily notifications are not random, we might just expect the app to buzz during major world events.
It’s definitely a way to get people talking. During both days, BeReal was trending on Twitter.
While it can be harmless fun, you might want to think twice about posting a BeReal when you’re at work. Experts have warned that people could be sacked for breaching company data laws if their posts revealed sensitive information.
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