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Cyber Demon Genji is the first Mythic skin in Overwatch 2, and it’s yours if you reach level 80 of … [+] the Season 1 premium Battle Pass
Overwatch 2’s first Battle Pass has a ton of neat rewards (you can read more about that here). If you want to burn through them quickly, at least without paying to progress through all 80 tiers, the best way to do that is by completing challenges.
The game has several categories of challenges: daily, weekly, season, Competitive, lifetime and hero (the Competitive and hero challenges don’t apply here). You’ll be able to quickly view them from virtually any screen, but it’s probably best not to do so if you’re in the middle of a team fight. You can get to the challenges tab with a single click from the main menu, and on any other screen when you’re not in a match. Just click the icon next to your Battletag in the top-right corner. You can also view your challenges from the menu screen during a match.
You’ll need to earn 10,000 XP to advance through each level of the Battle Pass. You’ll get some XP from every match you play. If you have the premium Battle Pass, you’ll get a 20% XP boost for the entire season. You’ll also get a little extra XP for every match you complete while in a group.
Overwatch 2 daily challenges
If you really want to speed run the Battle Pass, logging in for a little while every day to complete some challenges is the best way to do that. You’ll get six new daily challenges every day. Completing three will usually mean that you gain a level.
You’ll get 3,000 XP for completing each of your first three daily challenges, so that’s 9,000 XP in total. Add on the 20% premium Battle Pass bonus, and you’ll move up at least one level per day if you finish three challenges. Otherwise, the XP you gain just from playing matches might be enough to take you over that 10,000 XP threshold.
During one day of the review period, the daily challenges were as follows:

Between winning a game, finishing three games in Open Queue and waving hello to a teammate, it’d maybe take 40 minutes to get through three daily challenges (unless you get really unlucky and lose three games in a row). There’s no extra XP for finishing the fourth, fifth or six challenges.
Next, there are the weekly challenges. Right now, these are the only way you can earn Overwatch Coins, the game’s new premium currency for free (I’ll get into that in more detail more another time). In terms of earning XP, you’ll get 5,000 XP for each weekly challenge you finish. There are 11 of these challenges each week, and they’re a bit tougher than the dailies. The most recent ones in the review build are:

Those will take quite a bit more time than your dailies, especially the requirement for 20 team kills. Again, you’ll get most of these just by playing as normal, as long as you play enough games in the right modes.
The season challenges will give you a little boost here and there, but they’re maybe not worth focusing on too much. They’ll earn you between 500 and 1,000 XP each. They include things like:

The XP-based lifetime challenges are even more basic. They include ones like win a game as a Tank, Damage or Support; win a Team Deathmatch game; and win a Duel game. You’ll get 500 XP for each of these.
So far during the review period, I got to level 14 without focusing on completing any particular challenge, though I do have the 20% XP boost from the premium Battle Pass. I spent maybe 6-7 hours in Quick Play matches across six different days (I played a bunch more custom games, though).
Ultimately, it shouldn’t be a massive grind to get through the Battle Pass if you play Overwatch 2 regularly.


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