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Criminally panned as ruining Star Wars, here’s why Disney didn’t actually ruin the franchise.
​​​​​​It's safe to say that there has been somewhat of a preconception when it comes to Star Wars under the ownership of Disney, with many hardcore Star Wars fans claiming that the franchise was better before it was “Disney-fied”. But, will someone tell an unruly Star Wars fan they are wrong? Oh no, and don’t even think about saying that The Last Jedi isn’t that bad, or else you will certainly be shunned and the target of unnecessary hate within the community. But, what many fans overlook is that Disney buying Star Wars has been a blessing, and not a curse.
Disney acquired the ownership of Lucasfilm on October 30th, 2012, for $4.05 billion, giving Disney full ownership of both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. Since then, Disney has released a brand new Star Wars film trilogy, titled the Sequel Trilogy, as well as many Live Action TV shows, including The Mandalorian and Obi Wan Kenobi, with many more to come. While primarily focusing on live-action Star Wars projects, Disney has also delivered brilliant and engaging animated projects. On top of this, we have been gifted a brand-new land at Disney World, called Batuu, immersing fans and guests into a Star Wars-filled land, by creating your own lightsabers, as well as buying replicas of the coolest, fan-favorite lightsabers, building droids, and some of the best theme park rides… well, ever. Star Wars is without a doubt more relevant and better than ever, and no matter what one may say, here's why Disney didn't ruin Star Wars.
2015 gave fans their first taste of a Star Wars film under the new ownership of Disney, and it's safe to say, it was a thrilling, action-packed Star Wars adventure that really doesn’t get the credit it deserves. No matter what you may think of the final two films in the sequel trilogy, The Force Awakens is no doubt a brilliant addition to the Star Wars universe. Similarly, it introduced new fans to the franchise, and to many, The Force Awakens was their first ever Star Wars experience, and we have Disney to thank for that.
The new cast of characters that fans are introduced to, are compelling and inspiring to many, especially Rey, with the character being many Star Wars fans' first interaction with a female Jedi. Likewise, kicking off the film with a storm trooper smearing blood on another’s helmet, as well as Finn leaving the First Order to join the Resistance (which sadly didn't go anywhere), is a very interesting take, immediately setting a new and darker tone for the franchise. While introducing fans to new characters, The Force Awakens also brought back the original trilogy's cast in a perfect way, despite how the other films handled it. It was beyond exciting seeing Chewbacca and Han Solo return to the Millennium Falcon.
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Steering away from the movies, Disney has delivered many exceptional TV shows, with some even being better than many of the movies in the franchises. For one, The Mandalorian is without question one of the best and most exciting Star Wars experiences of all time, delivering jaw-dropping cameos, compelling characters, engaging storylines, and exhilarating action, although The Book of Boba Fett was disappointing, we did see the return of Din Djarin and Grogu, which were the best moments of the series, in essentially The Mandalorian 2.5.
Most exciting and shocking of all was seeing Ewan McGregor return as Obi Wan Kenobi in the Disney+ series of the same name. Sure, the show wasn’t as great as many were expecting, but seeing McGregor and Hayden Christensen return to their titular Star Wars roles, was a highlight for many fans, of which they will never forget. More recently, fans experienced arguably one of the best written, developed, and overall produced Star Wars experiences of all time, Andor, which is without question, one of the best TV shows of the year.
Is there really much else we need to say? Grogu is one of the cutest characters in all of pop culture. Predominantly known as Baby Yoda, Grogu is without question the best Star Wars character Disney has ever given fans. Fans instantly fell in love with the creature's tiny, adorable green face, with those giant innocent black eyes, as he waddled around munching on frogs and sipping a bowl of soup. With that, his character is also incredibly layered, being one of the few survivors of Order 66 and forming a brilliantly endearing relationship with Din Djarin. Without Disney taking ownership, it's highly unlikely Grogu would have ever been created.
We cannot go on without mentioning the exceptional animated Star Wars projects. From the near-perfect Clone Wars series, Rebels, and the highly acclaimed Star Wars Visions, it's safe to say that Disney has helped produce and create some of the best pieces of animated TV in years. We wouldn’t have got the satisfying and emotional ending of The Clone Wars if Disney didn’t reboot the canceled series for one final season, which is easily the best season of the show.
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Much like the MCU, the Star Wars franchise is simply non-stop, having its own land at Disney World, more movies planned for the future, and of course, the smattering of Disney+ original series that we cannot wait for. It's safe to say that the Star Wars franchise is bigger than ever, which is undoubtedly thanks to Disney. Likewise, although a controversial statement, the prequel trilogy was a low point in the Star Wars universe; taking Revenge of the Sith out of question. Sure, consisting of some truly spectacular moments, surrounded by poor writing, acting, and directing. After the prequel trilogy ended, it feels as if Star Wars felt somewhat dead in the water, at least until Disney acquired the rights and brought much-needed and appreciated life into the franchise.
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