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Professor Christopher Imumolen is the presidential candidate of Accord Party.
Presidential Candidate of Accord Party, Prof. Christopher Imumolen, yesterday, said there was the need for a national economic plan in Nigeria, to ensure that the country is in sustainable growth.
He said this while speaking at the Future Leadership Conference (FLC) in Lagos, themed, Redefining Leadership and Economy; Strategy for a New Dispensation.
Imumolen emphasised the need to put an end to the stereotype of age in leadership positions, by giving youths a chance to lead the country, saying that a trait of a bad leader, is one who runs a country without a system.
While saying that the selection of leaders based on sentiments would lead the nation to nowhere, he stressed the need to educate citizens, which would result in transformed minds and ability to make good decisions.
“Our greatest problem in Nigeria is leadership and most of our leaders have poverty mindset because its only poverty that would make you steal even what you don’t need. The wickedness we see in Nigeria is because of the struggle for survival,” he added.
Convener, FLC, Mark Idiahi said though the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ law should be a motivation for youths to strive for leadership, its not sufficient as the requisite skills, discipline, character and knowledge needed to govern should be in place.
“Young people need to be trained and know what it takes to be great leaders. Everyone of us has been entrusted with a responsibility that requires our leadership quality,” he said.
According to him, one can’t truly lead without discipline, which has a lot to do with the ability to set one’s mind on a predetermined goal and pursuing it. 
“I tell people to fight for their focus because there would be many things that try to take that away,” Idiahi added.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vantage Group, Jamie Pajoel, speaking to the youths, said any money they put into developing their mind should be in the category of investment because it would yield increase.
He urged youths not to be ashamed of where they are, but aspire for more. “Nobody gives you an opportunity; you have to show the world that you are qualified for it. When you are loaded, you would be needed,” Pajole added.
CEO, Lighthouse International, Johnson Abbaly, said the fundamental problem with leadership in Africa is that African leadership is yet to understand democracy, hence has been unable to leverage its people.
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