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Hong Kong director Benny Chan Muk-sing has died today (23 August). He was 58 years old.
According to Apple Daily, Chan was suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer.
Last year, Chan reportedly felt unwell on the set of his film, Raging Fire, starring Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen. He went for a physical examination and found out that he had nasopharyngeal cancer or commonly known as nose cancer.
By the time he finished directing Raging Fire, he could not complete post-production work, and he had to hand the reigns over to another colleague.
The last recent months, Chan was hospitalised at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. He was transferred to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, where he passed away. The director is survived by a wife, a son and a daughter.
Chan got his start in showbiz when he worked for TVB as an assistant director to Johnnie To Kay-Fung and later promoted to director.
Chan was known for police and crime films – one of which, his 1996 film Big Bullet, which he directed, produced and co-written – won awards for film editing at the 1996 Golden Horse Film Festival and the 16th Hong Kong Film Awards. His other well-known works include New Police Story, Shaolin, Gen-X Cops, and Who Am I?
A few tributes have started pouring online on social media. Actor-turned-director Stephen Fung shared a tribute on his Instagram, calling him “a strong force behind Hong Kong cinema.”

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Shocked to hear the passing of Director Benny Chan. Not only was he a strong force behind Hong Kong cinema. He was Kind, Moral, a True Gentleman. We will miss you. Rest In Peace.
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Actress Jeana Ho, who acted in Raging Fire, shared that she had formed a bond with the director, and got to understand his hard work, dedication and strengths.

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今天收到了一個很悲痛的消息,最敬仰的陳木勝導演不幸離世,去年有幸參與了《怒火》能與導演有一片之緣,相處了數月時間,感受到他的敬業和實力。和他相處的點滴湧現在腦海裏,感謝導演的教導🙏真是非常難過🙏 導演的離去絕對是電影界的遺憾🙏願導演一路好走,永遠懷念🙏 南嘸阿彌陀佛🙏🙏🙏 #陳木勝 #導演 #怒火
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