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The following are recorded home and property sales completed in Monterey County by ZIP code from Aug. 4-8, 2014, according to county records.
AROMAS — 95004
373 Blohm Ave.; $530,000; Spitzer, Glenn M and Sandra J Spitzer Trs to Grio, Geoffrey
377 Blohm Ave.; $530,000; Spitzer, Glenn M and Sandra J Spitzer Trs to Grio, Geoffrey
CARMEL — 93923
38785 Palo Colorado Road; $599,000; Cole, Thurman G and Dorothy D to Lazaro, Jennifer
26245 Carmel Rancho Blvd.; $25 million; Alta California Land Company Llc to Watermark Carmel Llc
2915 Ribera Road; $1.325 million; Carroll, Christopher and Pamela to Kusumoto, Yoichi and Donna Y Trs
10472 Fairway Lane; $975,000; Schneider, Steven and Debora Trs to Green, Leslie A
24576 Portola Road; $1.7 million; Adamski, Courtney and Christopher to Chubb, Grace G Tr
26157 Atherton Drive; $1.95 million; 26157 Atherton Dr Llc Et Al to Miller, Christopher and Nancy
69 Del Mesa Carmel; $450,000; Horvath, Nicholas Tr to Bone, Uta M Tr
9500 Center St., No. 46; $420,000; Beretti, Mario S and Michelle Trs to Menke, Jacquelyn L Tr
Dolores Street; $2.5 million; Jrp Residential Investments Inc to Folsom, James David and Judy Sullivan
24 Trampa Canyon Road; $320,000; U S Bank National Association Trustee to King, Calle
186 Walker Valley Road; $680,000; Ouita, Martin and Thomas A Johns Partnership to Villanueva, Eugenio
DEL REY OAKS — 93940
5 Quendale Ave.; $440,000; Junsay, Celia A Tr to Sampognaro, Catherine
17 Los Encinos Drive; $365,000; Clifton, Mayla to Hestia Vacation Homes Llc
214 11th St.; $106,100; Ramirez, Ismael and Teresa S to Zalez 9004 Llc
341 11th St.; $158,000; Ferreira, Robert J Tr to Zamudio, Gema
343 11th St.; $242,000; Ferreira, Robert to Plascencia, Jose Guadalupe Velazquez and Zamudio, Gema
KING CITY — 93930
419 Third St.; $190,000; Ap Investments Llc to Ortiz, Juana
228 Carlson Ave.; $175,000; Dahlen, Reginald F and Annette S Trs to Morris, Michael E Et Al
MARINA — 93933
3106 Fehring Place; $400,000; Paige, Johnson Gainell Tr to Raibley, John C and Barbara J Trs
3221 Tallmon St.; $495,000; Eisner, Alexander Stephen to Rokich, Jeannine C Tr
3114 Redwood Drive; $350,000; Balesteri, Frank A and Valerie L to Gonzalez, John Paul
409 Windsor Court; $398,000; Brassfield, Larry J and Moulton, Jane E to Lequang, Thiencolt T and Christine T
MONTEREY — 93940
7536 Canada Vista Way; $625,000; Levin, Richard H and Linda D Trs to Sweet, Jason and Colleen
801 Hoffman Ave.; $746,000; Toews, Peter J Et Al to Green, William R and Karla L
1360 Josselyn Canyon Road, No. 27; $451,500; Steven, Dorothy P Tr to Dumas, Louis Keith
10 Chualar Place; $525,000; Matterson, Benjamin Et Al to Dwyer, William M
226 Edinburgh Ave.; $546,000; Lowry, David Bryant and Kirshenbaum, Sheril to Williamson, Judith A
260 Laine St.; $735,000; Canepa, Louis M and Mary L Klevan Trs to Wagner, Jon R and Donna S Trs
109 Spray Ave.; $690,000; Ashen, Michelle Ann Tr to Bashian, Manouk
438 Del Rosa Ave.; $465,000; Ziel, David M to Panchal, Ankit Arvind
455 Belden St.; $942,500; Bickle, Paul E and Patty L Trs to Warner, Laurie E
799 Parcel St.; $610,000; Napa Asset Management Services Llc to Campbell, Douglas and Kimberley
115 Seventh St.; $565,000; Glazebrook, Sheri Et Al to Glazebrook, Sheri Et Al
232 Granite St.; $899,000; Heller, Robert C and Nan E Heller Trs to Pagano, William F and Mckinney, Betty J
305 1/2 Bishop Ave.; $399,000; Lot 5 Trust to Zhang, Yu and Luo, Xi-Hua
460 Beaumont Ave.; $90,000; Shammas, Joseph J Tr Et Al to Shammas, Joseph J Tr Et Al
Bishop Avenue; $399,000; Lot 5 Trust to Zhang, Yu and Luo, Xi-Hua
70048 Vineyard Canyon Road; $25,000; Frederick, Robert A Tr Et Al to Frederick, Robert A Tr Et Al
1470 Cypress Drive; $22.5 million; Samson, Carolyn Tr Et Al to Hazen, Paul and Cassandra
3881 Ronda Road; $1.625 million; Barlocker, Calvin J to Tortia Investments Llc
47 Riker St.; $280,000; Myers, Jeffrey and Schwenne, Michael to Flores, Angelo G and Nicole L
621 Park St.; $345,000; Giottonini, Alice and Wiseman, Beverly to Lopez, Jesus O Beltran and Espino, Alejandra
816 Capistrano Drive; $425,000; Sellem Investments Inc to Moore, Alicia and James K
912 Capistrano Drive; $354,000; Paper, Amy R to Martinez, Bryan and Fike, Melinda M
411 West St.; $375,000; Maravilla, Henry L and Kelly M Camacho-Maravilla Trs to Shonley, Stephanie E
629 Santa Cruz Ave.; $459,000; Cisneros, George and Sharon Trs to Thomas, Michael C
332 Towt St.; $550,000; Fong, Albert G and Ginger Trs to Navarro, Juan L
1355 Rhode Island St.; $400,000; Chow, Teresa Y to Tang, Wan Li
1624 Madrid; $265,000; Bellone, Paul W to Benitez, Blanca E
2410 N Main St., No. H; $126,000; Szilagyi, Ramona M to Valencia, Isidra and Osequera, Froylan Jr
1119 Rogge Road; $380,000; Coyt, Carlos and Carolina to Holdem Investments Lp
1529 Sepulveda Drive; $308,000; Murray, Dolores to Ramos, Miguel Lizaola and Cardenas, Ivett
555 Yreka Drive; $270,000; Crouse Family Limited Partnership to Gonzales, Rebecca
1539 Oyster Bay Court; $360,000; Enriquez, Vincent M and Enriquez, Vielka Y to Vargas, Juan Antonio and Neftaly
1786 Emerald Drive; $195,100; Caasi, Celedonio V Jr and Jesusa G to Zalez9004 Llc and Lazaro, Alberto
233 Diablo Drive; $145,000; Johnson, Lynn M and Johnson, Gene T to Johnson, Lynn M
1650 Georgetown Way; $348,000; Lewis, Cynthia M to Garcia, Jorge and Sandra
1009 Larkin Circle; $392,500; Ornelas, Jacinto Isaias and Laudelina, Maria Trs to Cervantes, Esabel
9872 Brome Trail; $505,000; Tsui, Mary A and Ted L to Dawson, Kevin Et Al
19730 Moonglow Road; $227,500; 60 Blanca Lane Llc to Fetsch, Ulrich Wolfgang and Rosie
9320 Canyon Oak Road; $492,500; Mcguirk, Ryan and Mcguirk, Katherine to Corn, Richard and Devincenzi, Donna
394 Corral De Tierra Road; $650,000; Crocker, Thomas S Jr and Kathy L to Mcguirk, Ryan and Katherine
25691 Meadowview Court; $855,000; Mackie, David C and Mackie, David C to Rubbo, Gordon A and Lynda N Trs
SAN MIGUEL — 93451
76970 Barker Road; $529,900; Kranich, Keith to Mcfadden, Russell S and Barbara A
SEASIDE — 93955
1965 Grandview St.; $571,000; Stokkebye, Renee Corbishley Tr to Chang, Henry C and Chang-Chiao, Hsin Julie
902 Harcourt Ave., No. A; $299,000; Moyle, Tracy to Torie, Christina Moe and Phillip A
SOLEDAD — 93960
806 Portola St.; $315,000; Fernandez, Beatriz to Granillo, Brenda Ramona and Arreola, Jose Alfonso


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