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This season will be bigger than ever.
A 2022 season of Married at First Sight UK begins tonight, with a fresh batch of singletons hoping to find The One in an unconventional way.
A cast of 16 singles will be walking down the aisle, including a Dreamboy, a social worker, a dental hygienist and a waitress.
The hopefuls will be heading down the aisle in the search of love when MAFS UK returns on E4 for a longer season of 30 episodes.
They will meet their potential soulmate for the first time on their wedding day and say "I do" to a complete stranger in the hope of finding that special connection before putting their relationship to the test: heading on a honeymoon and then moving in with each other and their fellow couples.
Here's everything you need to know about the MAFS UK 2022 contestants.
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Age: 37
Job: Digital designer
Location: Manchester
Manchester-based digital designer Adrian is a confident and caring northener with a heart of gold who loves nights outs, hosting dinner parties and movie nights at home. After being a serial dater for the last three years, Adrian is looking to settle down with an upbeat and positive partner who'll make him laugh, be up for an adventure and be someone he can trust.
"I hope that this experiment goes really well and we end up falling in love," he told Channel 4
Age: 31
Job: Recruitment HR coordinator
Location: Birmingham
HR coordinator Duka moved to the UK at the age of 10 after fleeing former Yugoslavia with his family to escape conflict. While he was bullied for not speaking a word of English, he has since become a man about town, however the girls he fancies are usually superficial. He finds it difficult to put his guard down when people get close to him emotionally, but he's looking for an Instagram girl who loves looking after herself and can also have a deep conversation about world issues.
"People see me and think, 'Oh he's a d**k head' but that's not the case – people are too quick to judge me," he said.
Age: 40
Job: Financial advisor
Location: Worcester
Father-of-four George is a true romantic who is looking for someone emotionally open to keep him on his toes. The financial advisor lives in the countryside with his two eldest children and while he was heartbroken after divorcing his wife, he hopes the relationship experts can help him find what is missing from his life.
"My only concern is that I might not be good enough for her," he told Channel 4.
Age: 29
Job: Account manager
Location: Darlington
A fun, outgoing guy, Darlington-based Jordan considers himself a "great catch" with a good job, a close relationship with his family and cooking skills. The 29-year-old is looking to find true love and a real connection but has found previously that he can be too particular about what he wants.
"I want to get married and have kids, and the clock is ticking," he said.
Age: 42
Job: Business consultant
Location: London
Business consultant Kwame exudes charm and style, having travelled the world, established a successful career, been married, had children and gotten divorced. A self-professed ladies man, he admits that he's a bit cocky but claims he isn't arrogant.
After lacking confidence whilst growing up, Kwame went on to bulk up during college and won Mr Ghana in 2000. He now wants another chance at finding love, telling Channel 4: "It's not just a match… it's a wife."
Age: 31
Job: Dancer/Performer
Location: Birmingham
Birmingham-based Pjay wants love with someone he can create a peaceful and loving environment with and is ready to settle down. The dancer, who works for Dreamboys, has never been short of attention but has found that his job has sometimes stopped him from finding the right woman.
Pjay's new bride will need the approval of his mum and sister, who are his best friends, while the 31-year-old said: "I want to find out who I really am. I've got a lot of love to give and I just want to give it 110 per cent."
Age: 51
Job: Sales advisor
Location: Sheffield
Sheffield-based Richie has worked in the music industry for 23 years and considers himself to be deep, emotional, clever, a good laugh, and socially/emotionally intelligent. He has also written a song, which appeared on a Russell Watson album and has said that he could get him to perform it at his wedding.
"I don't care what the consequences are or what they uncover – never underestimate a man who has got nothing to lose," he told Channel 4.
Age: 31
Job: Mental health care assistant
Location: Liverpool
Bursting with energy, sarcasm and bawdy humour, 31-year-old Thomas is looking for his match. He's extremely sociable, unapologetically loud and not one to back down in an argument, with his worst nightmare being for someone to describe him as "nice". While he's used to having all eyes on him when he enters a room, he's looking for a partner to help balance him out.
"I'm really concerned they might not like me," he said. "That's ok, but I don't want to waste their time or my own time."
Age: 32
Job: Dress designer
Location: London
Dress designer April is used to making wedding gowns for other people but hasn't yet worn her own, joking that she's "always the bridal designer, never the bride". A former Miss Great Britain, April is ready to put her love life in the hands of the MAFS UK experts. Driven and ambitious, April won't stop until she succeeds in anything she does and considers herself to be a positive and bubbly social butterfly.
April is looking for someone who won't mind her being independent and wants to live life to its fullest with her, saying: "The experts have a great success rate, so I feel like I've got nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain."
Age: 29
Job: Social worker
Location: Derby
A caring, loyal and protective social worker, Chanita has dedicated her life to helping young people. After being in a 10-year relationship two years ago, Chanita is now ready to find her future partner.
"It's so hard to pick out the right people, so I thought why not give the experts a challenge and they can do all the hard work for me," she said.
Age: 32
Job: Zero waste shop owner
Location: Blackpool
Small business-owner Jenna has always hated the traditional concept of marriage but wants to find love, commit to someone and build a long life together.
"I don't like dating apps and I don't go out anywhere to meet anyone, so this is the only way I'm going to find love… hopefully," she told Channel 4.
Age: 31
Job: Dental hygienist
Location: Cambridgeshire
Dental hygienist Jess describes herself as unique, weird but fun and outgoing. She also finds that if she wants to do something, she won't necessarily think about the consequences and that has impacted her relationships in the past. A big Harry Potter fan, she's ready to force her future partner to watch a Harry Potter marathon.
"On dating apps, people just want to get their leg over – they don't want to settle down. I want to settle down!" she said.
Age: 36
Job: Businesswoman
Location: London
After leaving school at 16 to have her first child, Kasia says that the odds were stacked against her but she has since raised two children and established a successful career, launching her own business – a body contouring clinic. With her children now older, she's hoping to focus on herself and meet a partner she can settle down with.
"I'm successful in a lot of other areas in my life and I've been through a lot, but the one area that I'm not successful in is my love life," she said.
Age: 49
Job: Waitress
Location: Nottingham
Former dancer Lara is originally from Canada but has led an extraordinary life, getting married and divorced twice and flying from Japan to New York for dinner. Her parents have been married for 51 years and she is hoping to emulate their relationship, believing in fairy-tale romance and looking for a prince she can introduce to her two sons.
"The experts couldn't pick any worse than I could pick," she said.
Age: 31
Job: PA
Location: St Albans
St Albans-based PA Whitney isn't short of male attention but wants a man who ticks all the boxes that she can settle down with. After losing her mother, Whitney has had a tough couple of years and while she's dated men on a superficial level, she's never found anyone good enough to bring home to her family.
While Whitney has high expectations for her potential partner, she feels ready to give someone a chance. "I need to get my s**t together and embrace the situation," she told Channel 4.
Age: 30
Job: Quantity surveyor
Location: West Midlands
Outgoing, ambitious and a successful professional, Zoe is looking for a genuine connection with someone who can share her softer side. Having recently turned 30, Zoe doesn't want to be a serial dater any longer and is ready to settle down.
"I've never been with someone and thought, 'I want to grow old with you,'" she said about her love life.
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