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The new love-at-first-sight hopefuls take their chance for a lifelong partnership in the new season of this scandalous reality show.
16 singles will couple up in the new season of MAFS UK.
appily ever after is a shot in the dark – and the new Married at First Sight cast is taking the plunge.
In the new season of the reality TV show, couples will continue to meet their matches at the altar before starting their lives (or less than the duration of the series) together.
The experimental reality show, where contestants marry total strangers (but not legally), has 16 new contestants –eight women and eight men.
It was revealed that series seven with feature the first lesbian couple on MAFS UK.
The all new singles will be guided by Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas as they (hopefully) enjoy their honeymoon and moving in together right away.
Following their commitment ceremonies, as per the Australian show’s format, each couple will have their love put to the test and will eventually choose whether or not to renew their vows.
Shocking reveals at the shared couple dinners ensue.
The success of Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria, who tied the knot on last year’s series and have announced their first child, might be a sign for the brilliant cast of hopeful singles.
The 30-episode series will air on E4 while episodes will be made available to stream online on All4.
MAFS UK Season 7 first aired Channel 4 on August 29. Episodes will air every Monday to Thursday at 9pm.
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