Man shamed on Facebook for taking pictures of kids… he was actually taking a selfie –

This man was accused by a mother of taking pictures of her children in a shopping centre.
In fact, the father-of-three was actually taking a selfie in front of a Darth Vader display for his own children.
She took the picture at a shopping centre in Melbourne, Australia, then put it on Facebook describing him as a ‘creep’ and it was retweeted 20,000 times.
It was the first time the man had taken a selfie that he was intending to send to his children.
Speaking to MailOnline Australia, he said he was considering legal action.
He said: ‘I was in two minds whether to take the selfie, but I thought it’ll be a good daggy dad joke. In real terms it was embarrassing enough to be standing in front of Darth Vader to be honest.’
‘We’re a very strong, community-minded family and we’ve never had any issue with any form of impropriety and all of a sudden my name is smeared.
‘I would like people to understand the perils of social media, especially unreliable and uncorroborated information.’
Police investigated the claims and no further actions were taken.
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