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The front pages of the UK’s newspapers reacted with relief, eye-rolls and frustration to the not-at-all-unexpected news that Liz Truss has resigned.
Whether Truss would outlast a head of lettuce was the question mark hanging over her premiership as her agenda imploded and her party rebelled against her.
In the end, the Daily Star’s lettuce won. Truss departs as the shortest-serving prime minister in history.
But another question was almost immediately raised by the press: Could Boris Johnson return to Number 10?
From the Daily Express to The Times, even the papers were a tad bit surprised at just how soon the scandal-scarred ex-PM could be back after he resigned only six weeks ago.
The Metro’s front page dubbed Truss ‘the worst PM we’ve ever had’ as it reminded readers that ‘scandals plagued Johnson’ during his leadership.
He is, after all, still under investigation by the privileges committee for whether he lied to Parliament over the partygate scandal.
‘Lettuce rejoice’ shouted the Daily Star, noting today’s copy of the paper is a ‘historic souvenir edition’.
A week ago, the Daily Star set up a livesteam of a head of lettuce to see if it would have a longer shelf life than the prime minister.
It did. Now the tabloid carried a picture of the beaming and slightly decayed lettuce in a blond wig writing: ‘Plucky Daily Star veg outlasts Lettuce Liz as she wilts in political heat.’
Both i and the Financial Times went with headlines somehow shorter than Truss’ term, saying she lasted no longer than ’44 days’.
And tucked away above the i’s header, ‘Johnson plots comeback’, with photos of the former premier and other likely leader hopefuls (again) Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt.
The Financial Times said Truss’ timing will ‘throw plans to address £40billion fiscal hole into confusion’ after her tax-cutting mini-Budget battered financial markets.
‘The bitter end’ lamented The Guardian, as it featured Sir Keir Starmer’s comments on the ‘revolving door of chaos’ as the UK braces for a third PM this year.
Tories plan to replace Truss by the end of next week — a dizzyingly short time frame — as Labour and the Daily Mirror plead for a general election.
The Daily Mail joined the Daily Express and the Daily Telegraph in leading with Johnson’s political comeback and the likely sparring match he’ll face against his former Chancellor.
The Express splashed with: ‘He couldn’t could he… will Boris bounce back to No 10?
But the Mail, which backed Truss in the leadership contest for her ‘boldness, vision and strength and conviction’, called her a ‘disastrous dalliance’.
The paper called ‘Boris v Rishi’ a ‘fight for the soul of the tories’ in a ‘potential class between allies turned bitter rivals’.
And if he does run, the Telegraph reported, Johnson will ‘save the party from an election wipeout’ as Labour leads lightyears ahead in the polls.
‘Boris Johnson is privately urging Conservative MPs to back him for a dramatic return to Downing Street,’ the paper said, adding he has extended a ‘remarkable olive branch’ to his former finance minister.
The Sun highlighted that the ‘ex-PM needs 100 MPs to stand a chance after the 1922 Committee, a powerful group of backbenchers, upped the threshold for the second leadership contest this year.
The tabloid also ran an editorial saying ‘not a second longer can be wasted on these deranged civil wars’ and that ‘Rishi is hot favourite to replace Truss’.
Johnson hasn’t said anything about a bid to get his old job back as he cuts short his holiday in the Caribbean.
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