It's over! Danica and Jamie have become the first Love Island 2022 couple to SPLIT – The Tab

This comes as Danica was spotted kissing someone else
Danica Taylor and Jamie Allen have become the first couple from Love Island 2022 to split up, according to reports. Danica and Jamie left the show together and decided they’d give it a go in the outside world, before confirming they wanted to make things official in a photo shoot and interview with OK! Magazine.
However, according to The Daily Mail, they’ve now called it quits. This comes as Danica was pictured kissing Roman Hackett from TOWIE.
A source told MailOnline: “Danica and Jamie have gone their separate ways. They were yet to make their relationship official but have decided that they didn’t quite work together romantically. Jamie has just signed for a new football team and Danica is busy pursuing endless opportunities after leaving the Love Island villa and they sadly drifted apart. They’re good friends still and will continue to support each other in everything they do.”
Danica was pictured kissing TOWIE’s Roman at a train station this weekend, but a source has said they are just friends. Neither Jamie or Danica have commented on the split news yet.

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Speaking with OK! after they left the villa, Danica said of her and Jamie’s relationship: “The beauty salon is fully working. It’s all good, fully works. We’ve joked about ‘Ah, we’ll have such cute kids. Imagine if one day we got married and we met on Love Island’. We’re just taking every day as it comes.”
Jamie said: “There’s no need to rush it, we’ve got all the time in the world. When you start rushing things and putting pressure on, that’s when things start going wrong. So far, so good.”
But now it looks as though it’s all over!
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