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Indian nationals who have filed an application for German short-stay Schengen visas in the visa centre located in the Indian city of Mumbai are facing long waiting times, according to a report published by the Times India.
The German consulate in the Indian city of Kolkata has started issuing long-term visas, like blue cards, researchers or students. However when it comes to short-stay visas, which are granted for a period of up to 90 days, dedicated to tourists and business travellers, there have been reported significant delays, reports.
In this regard, the officials have stressed that the delays are related to the sharp increase in the number of applications. According to travel agents, the latest date available for a Schengen visa was some time in November.
German authorities stressed that they are continuously attempting to resolve the backlog, while officials at the German consulate in Kolkata stressed that wait time for long-term visas other than student visas might increase as the latter has to be given priority as students need to reach Germany in time in order to be there for the fall semester.
Indian citizens are subject to long delays after the lack of a full workforce delays the processing time, causing too many people to miss their travel dates completely.
“There has been a massive spike in visa demand. We’re experiencing unprecedented volumes — between 20,000 to 23,000 visa applications daily on an average from India given the pent-up travel demand,” VFS Global COO (South Asia) Prabuddha Sen pointed out in this regard, according to the Economic Times.
Besides, the Greece Embassy last month stressed that it would clear its backlog of Schengen visas, which are required by all travellers planning to enter the EU countries on fast track.
“Over the last couple of weeks, Greece has put in place an initiative to clear the backlog with embassy officials working on weekends and after office hours. Earlier, it took over 45 days to get the passports back with the visa stamped after the biometric data had been collected. However, over the last few days, this has come down to 20 working days,” according to a spokesperson for the visa application centre of Greece told TOI.
Aside from Germany, citizens of India also face significant delays when applying for short-term visas in other European countries, including the Netherlands, Portugal and Greece. Among the main reasons for such delays is the shortage of staff.
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