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We at Jalopnik understand that our readers have a discerning, sophisticated palate for automobiles. Nothing but the best will do, no price too high and no curb weight too low. Thus, we find it our solemn duty to inform you: Production of the Bugatti Chiron is ending. Place your final orders now.
The Chiron was revealed in 2016, along with a production plan for only 500 cars. Now, with so many of you achieving unprecedented wealth in the pandemic, that 500 number is fast approaching. Bugatti has “less than 40" spots left unallocated for their 273-mph sports car.
Presumably, you all already have at least one Chiron, but the early adopters among you are likely stuck with the proletarian Chiron or Chiron Sport. To ensure your second or third Chiron meets the standards of modern luxury performance, Bugatti is only offering its remaining build spots in the car’s Pur Sport or Super Sport trims.
With Rimac’s acquisition of Bugatti, the company’s gasoline-fueled future remains uncertain. Mate Rimac (you remember him, the founder of Rimac, he sends you those Christmas cards every year) promised one more combustion-powered Bugatti to follow the Chiron, but the company hasn’t revealed what may be lying in wait in Molsheim. At least, they haven’t told us. You’re likely already on the waitlist.
Get away
For the amount of flights you’ll book over your lifetime, the $50 subscription fee is going to pay for itself over and over again.
Those of you looking to purchase one of the 40 remaining Chirons should expect to pay at least $3.6 million for a Pur Sport, or $3.9 million for a Super Sport. At those prices, you can’t afford not to add one to your bunker, private storage facility, or entirely legitimate charitable museum. Just be sure your assistant calls the local Bugatti rep in time — those 40 spots won’t last long.


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