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Today came the news that a furry 33-year-old photographer is winning fans on Facebook for taking pictures of her daily life – the life in question being that of an orangutan in a Vienna zoo.
But Nonja, the paparazzi primate, isn’t the only animal out there with more Facebook friends than you – there are loads of them, and some of them are even fictional characters! Here are some of our favourites…
Pablo the Drug Mule Dog
Talk To Frank’s talking dog with the autopsy-style scar down his stomach has only been on Facebook for just over a week and he’s got nearly 30,000 mates!
Voiced by David Mitchell , the anti-cocaine canine is on a mission to find out “What’s the big deal with coke?” with video updates, status updates and blogs.
Sample posting:Hey Pablo, how do you type?
Aleksandr Orlov
He made his name on the telly complaining about unwanted traffic on his meerkat site, and now Aleksandr is a bone fide celebrity.
He’s got 614,931 friends on his Facebook page and a recent highlight was a podcast with The Hoff. Oh, the giddy heights of celebrity!
Sample posting:Yesterday I was very disappoint with theatre musical ‘Cats’. Do not be fooled by title, it not even contain single meerkat!
We’re not even sure what kind of dog cheese-obsessed Northerner Wallace’s long-suffering sidekick is meant to be, but we love his dogged determination in the almost constant face of adversity.
He’s kind of like a canine Jeeves to Wallace’s bumbling but well-intended Bertie Wooster, and his Facebook page – which he admitted shares with Waallce – boasts 119, 957 pals. We suspect most of them are for Gromit, too!
Sample posting:As a Frenchman, I must confess I envy the Brits for two things: Wallace & Gromit.
Snowy/Percy/Alby the Albino Squirrel
Ok, there are lots of Facebook pages dedicated to albino squirrels, but this one is the dearest to us.
It was set up in honour of Snowy (or Percy or Alby, depending who you ask), the much-loved white squirrel who was sadly run over – was it just made to look like that? – last month. Tributes have poured in from across the globe… and continue to do so.
Sample posting:I live in Australia and have been listening to BBC Surrey. Very sad to hear about the demise of Albi.
Scooby Doo
Another crime-fighting canine may give the impression that we lack imagination – but the truth is, you – the people – love ’em!
Scavenging Scoob – who celebrated his 40th birthday this year – has 361,817 fans of all ages from all over the place.
Sample posting:My Boyfriend is 29 years old and he still wears Scooby-doo Underwear. Now that is funny.
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