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The Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohamed Hwej, met with Tunisian Minister of Trade and Export Development, Fadela Ben Hamza, and the Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy, Nayla Al-Kenji, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Trade and Export Development in Tunisia last Thursday.
The meeting discussed aspects of cooperation in the fields of economy and investment and enhancing trade exchange between the two countries.
Specifically, the ministerial meeting reviewed:
During his speech, the Minister Hwej referred to the historical cooperation between the two countries and the need to start a new phase aimed at raising the level of trade exchange and achieving economic exchange.
He stressed the importance of supporting and activating the Libyan-Tunisian Joint Chamber to advance the private sector and facilitate the movement of businessmen and financial procedures within the framework of revitalizing the trade, industry, and investment sectors.
The Minister of Economy and Trade also addressed the problems and obstacles facing Libyan businessmen in Tunisia and ways to overcome them.
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