Deaf dog finds his bark thanks to hearing sister –

Poppet was a shy and quiet dog until her sister Poppy came into her life. 
When owners Kaylee, 33 and David Hughes, 37, found out that their six-week-old Dalmatian puppy Poppet was deaf, they worried she wouldn’t have the best quality of life.
The Edinburgh-based couple trained Poppet to use sign language and hand signals, which she quickly picked up.
But at three-years-old, Poppet was still shy and quiet. That is, until the couple get a second dog, Poppy. 
Kaylee, a business owner, said: ‘We never planned to get Poppy as a service dog for Poppet, but it certainly seems like Poppet uses her sister for her ears.’
The adorable Dalmation duo have been inseparable since the day they met.
One-year-old Poppy helps Poppet navigate the world around her. 
Kaylee says: ‘We’re not sure if Poppet knows that she’s deaf, but she knows that Poppy can sense things that she can’t.
‘Poppet uses Poppy for everything, if Poppy barks, she will bark, if Poppy runs off on a walk, she will follow, she’ll always look to Poppy to see what’s she is doing and copy her.’
She may not know she is deaf, but Poppy definitely senses that Poppet has different needs. 
It means she does the cutest things – like each night when Kaylee puts them to bed, Poppy will go and find Poppet and nudge her nose to let her know that it’s time to go to sleep. 
They are best friends who do everything together, and Poppy has given Poppet a huge confidence boost. 
Kaylee adds: ‘Before Poppy, she wouldn’t run off without me being in her line of sight, but now she’ll just run off completely and watch out for Poppy if I recall them.
‘She even loves going and running in the river now, which is something that used to scare her quite a bit.’
Poppet is happier being off the lead now, even strolling alongside a road – so long as Poppy is right next to her.
Opposites attract with these pooches, who ‘mellow each other out’, Kaylee says. 
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She adds: ‘Poppet was a dream to train, but Poppy is the free spirit of the pair and doesn’t really like being told what to do.
‘When it comes to how they act with each other, Poppy is super patient with Poppet which is lovely to see.’
Kaylee concludes: ‘Poppy is definitely the rebel of the pair, so we’ve had to be a lot more patient whilst teaching her simple commands.
‘But now when we give Poppy a command, Poppet will usually mimic what she does.’
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