Christmas: Giant balls cause chaos on the streets of London –

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Runaway Christmas decorations have wreaked havoc across central London.
Two giant balls were seen flying down Tottenham Court Road in the early hours of this morning.
High winds had propelled the glittery baubles into the path of oncoming traffic.
It’s unclear which storefront display the loose balls broke free from.
They careened at speed down the street, with motorists forced to take evasive action to escape being hit.
A clip shared of the balls’ bid for freedom was shared on Tiktok, set to the song ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus.
In the footage, a startled driver is seen veering out the path of one of the incoming globes.
A Deliveroo driver was also forced to dash onto the pavement to avoid being hit.
The bizarre clip reminded many of the iconic scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which saw Indiana Jones escaping from a giant boulder.
But it also shares similarities with another ball-related incident in China.
Last September, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was held in the Henan province of the country.
The event is known for lavish decorations, such as giant balloons which are meant to symbolise moons.
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But one of the ‘moons’ broke free and soon rolled down a nearby road, leaving panicked staff forced to sprint after it in an attempt to rein it back in.
Another moon started to float away from festival celebrations in Fuzhou, Fujian province in the east of the country, back in 2016.
It was blown free from its tethers by strong typhoon winds that year and then caused havoc on the streets, even crashing into cars.
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