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The bond between the members of BIGBANG has always been strong and they proved it yet again at Seungri’s first solo concert in Korea!
Seungri held his “The Great Seungri” concert in Seoul on August 4 and 5, and enthralled fans with his upbeat performances and energetic stage presence. He candidly opened up to fans about his fears and determination, and also talked about his plans to enlist.
Though the other four members of BIGBANG couldn’t physically be there for their youngest member as they are all currently serving in the military, they sent in flower wreaths to show their support. Seungri first proudly shared a photo of the wreaths on his Instagram story on August 4 with the message, “Gaining strength from my members’ support, the first concert day will be amazing.” The photo was later shared by Yang Hyun Suk on his account on August 6.

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Taeyang sent in a wreath that read, “From Private First Class Dong Young Bae. A promotion! I congratulate Lee Seung Hyun on his first solo concert.” Next to his was G-Dragon’s teasing message, which read, “From Private First Class Kwon Ji Yong. I have nothing to say,” which seems to be a play on Seungri’s previous solo track “Gotta Talk To U” (also known as “I have something to say.”) Daesung also sent in a wreath with a message stating, “From Private First Class Kang Dae Sung. I’ll count to three for you to get over here! Let’s win!” T.O.P wrote, “From T.O.P. I’m proud of our maknae (youngest member)! You don’t need to count to three [for me].”
BIGBANG is currently on hiatus as the members carry out their military service. Seungri released his solo album “The Great Seungri” on July 20 and has been busy with promotional activities. Though Seungri has not specified a set date, he has shared that he plans to enlist soon so that BIGBANG can greet fans again as five as soon as possible.
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