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On December 14, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ aired an interview with Seungri

The idol star talked about his life as a businessman. When asked how he got into the business, Seungri said, “The Big Bang hyungs are so talented. I believed I couldn’t compete against them so I got into the businesses which the hyungs didn’t really touch on.”

Recently, it was announced that Seungri donated 100 million KRW to ChildFund Korea. The reporter commented that Seungri must be good at saving up his earnings. Seungri replied, “Big Bang hyungs are also good at saving.” The reporter asked, “Then who pays during team dinner?” Seungri brought laughter as he said, “Of course, the richest one. It’s G-Dragon hyung.” He jokingly added, “How could I beat G-Dragon?” On a more serious note, Seungri commented that G-Dragon is very giving when it comes to his members. 

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Happy Wedding anniversary to Lee Sungmin and wife Kim Saeun-May you have 100 years more.
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GDragon is a great leader and hyung Seungri always gives us a reason to smile and laugh.
I miss Big bang so much 😭♥️
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