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The thematic BabyKingdom releases their 12th single Manten Monkey Way on March 23. Manten Monkey Way is also the band’s first release after leaving the label B.P.Records in December 2021. But what theme have they gone for this time?
The theme of the single is based on “Nishiyuki”, otherwise known as “Journey to the West” in English, which is a famous Chinese novel published in the 16th Century. Journey to the West follows characters Tripitaka, Monkey King, Pig, and Sandy. These characters set off on a pilgrimage to the west to obtain sacred Buddhist texts.
To reflect the Chinese novel-inspired theme, the band takes on the role of each character in their music video which takes place on the scenic temple grounds. Here, drummer Toramaru is Triptaka, vocalist Shogo is Monkey King, bassist Monyo is Pig, and guitarist Shiki is Sandy.
As a song, Manten Monkey Way is a bass-slapping banger. Undoubtedly, it gets the band members dancing along to the energetic number as they perform on the grounds of this massive temple.

Embers fly across the screen, a strong breeze blows through the air, and a kaleidoscope of colored lights flood the surrounding area. Of course, there’s also the integration of Chinese-inspired guitar work and sound effects that all together, make this outing a fun and exciting interpretation of the novel.
This is not the first time BabyKindom has done a Chinese-themed song as their single Kamatchina! is evidence of that.
BabyKingdom’s Manten Monkey Way will be released in four types. Type A and B both have two songs, however, Type A has the music video and making-of for Manten Monkey Way, while Type B has a music video version for each member. Type C and D contain differing bonus tracks alongside each track’s instrumental version.
BabyKingdom also published a preview of all the songs on each type, so listen up and take it all in alongside their artist photos!

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