Apple and Facebook unknowingly shared user data with hackers –

A number of big tech companies including Apple and Meta have reportedly handed over private user data to hackers.
The companies gave up the data in response to forged legal requests by hackers pretending to be law enforcement officials, claims a report by Bloomberg.
The private information handed over last year included addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses.
The hackers reportedly used faked emergency data requests to secure the information, reported Bloomberg citing three unnamed sources.
Both Apple and Meta did not confirm or deny the report but instead directed us to how they handle law enforcement requests.
 ‘We review every data request for legal sufficiency and use advanced systems and processes to validate law enforcement requests and detect abuse,’ Meta spokesperson Andy Stone told
‘We block known compromised accounts from making requests and work with law enforcement to respond to incidents involving suspected fraudulent requests, as we have done in this case,’ he added.
Apple pointed to its Law Enforcement Guidelines, which states that ‘if a government or law enforcement agency seeks customer data in response to an Emergency Government & Law Enforcement Information Request, a supervisor for the government or law enforcement agent who submitted the Emergency Government & Law Enforcement Information Request may be contacted and asked to confirm to Apple that the emergency request was legitimate,’
According to Bloomberg, some of the hackers could be minors located in the US and the UK, with one possibly behind the recent Lapsus$ cyberattacks on Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia. London police have since arrested seven teens in connection with the group.
Fake emergency data requests are becoming increasingly common, according to noted security blog Krebs on Security.
As Krebs notes, the majority of bad actors carrying out these fake requests are actually teenagers. 
Meta and Apple aren’t the only known companies who were sent the fake data requests. Bloomberg says hackers also contacted Snap and Discord with forged requests. has reached out to Discord and Snap for comment.
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