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The actor has stage 4 lung cancer and is in critical condition.
The actor has stage 4 lung cancer and is in critical condition.
Former TVB artiste Jeff Chan Chik Wing, who turned 38 in January 12, could not have received a worse birthday gift. The actor, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last August, was told that the cancer cells had spread and he would need more aggressive treatment.
“My body deteriorated quickly. A screening in January showed that the cancer cells in my right shoulder blade area, which had initially improved after chemotherapy, [had spread] and there’s a ping pong ball-sized lump on the right shoulder near the lymph nodes, Jeff told Apple Daily.
His right arm was so sore that he could not move his hand, and he also coughed up blood and had bouts of diarrhoea. It could be caused by the tumour. During the screening, the tumor was found to have grown from 5cm to 7cm,” he said, adding, “The doctor suggested that I switch to the third-generation cancer drug.

However, treatment doesn’t come cheap. Just the medication alone would cost Jeff, who is in critical condition, HK$40,000 (about $6,900) each month.
As he has almost exhausted his savings and financial aid, his good friend, TVB artiste Snow Suen, turned to social media earlier this month to raise funds for his medical expenses. Jeff also filmed a video to appeal for help and donations poured in from celeb friends and colleagues like Yoyo Chen, Tsui Wing and Claire Yiu.
Even Aaron Kwok pitched in to help. According to Jeff, the generous Heavenly King made a HK$100,000 (S$17,300) donation through his Aaron Kwok Love And Concern Charity Fund and his manager Leung May May also left a message of encouragement.
Jeff only experienced the first signs of lung cancer in June last year. He had been suffering from back muscle pain and thought he had a herniated disc. It was only after a health check that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He had a 6cm tumour in his left lung, which had extended to his back, and the doctor told him that he might only have six months to live. Jeff, who doesn’t smoke or drink, said the news was a huge blow to him.
He filmed a video to share about his illness and managed to raise HK$800,000 (about S$138,2000) for his medical expenses. With the support and care of his family and girlfriend, his condition improved, but alas, it took a turn for the worse recently.
Jeff joined TVB after graduating from its artiste training class. In his years with the TV station, he was mostly relegated to bit roles. He later joined Hong Kong Television Network Limited, where he got meatier parts like the prodigal son Li Fong in 2015 sitcom The Wicked League. He also made online movies in China and self-financed projects like Love 36D and The Most Embarrassing Twist.
He had planned to produce, direct and star in his own film Training Class last year and hopes he has the chance to complete it: [TVB actor] Sammy Leung said a person who is about to die will not regret what he has done, but regret that he has not done anything. I still have another one or two years. Actually, I am not afraid of death. I still want to live and I hope to leave something behind.
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