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Chinese Dramas have a huge fan base and are loved by audiences worldwide. If you want to explore the wide range of shows that Chinese drama offers, the one genre that you need to look into is best Chinese historical dramas.
The history buff in you would love these fantastic dramas and give you a beyond time experience. Let’s look at some of the most exciting drama series from the historical genre.
The Untamed is one of the best Chinese Historical dramas that revolve around Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. Both the companions take on many adventures, and when misadventure befell them, they do not leave each other’s side. After Wei Wuxian committed suicide, he was resurrected, and both the friends tried to find what happened in the past. The drama is a beautiful depiction of friendship and is full of action and thriller sequences.
Considered to be one of the best Chinese historical dramas of 2021, the story revolves around a young businessman of the modern-day who travels back in time and finds himself in the body of another man who is about to get married. He begins incorporating modern methods that help the local businesses to flourish and also helps the people battle against the corrupt local businesses, thus getting involved in the matters of the state.
The famous Chinese historical drama of 2021, One and Only, revolves around the lives of Zhou Sheng Chen, a royal who becomes a general, and Cui Shi Yi, a well-read woman from a noble family. While situations become adverse, Zhou Sheng takes Cui Shi as his disciple, forming a solid bond. However, trouble awaits them in the royal palace.
Will the protagonists find a solution to the power struggle, or will the chaos entangle them?
This popular Chinese historical drama revolves around Zhou Zishu, who is the leader of an assassin organization nut quits it in pursuit of freedom. He meets Wen Kexing, the leader of Ghost Valley who seeks revenge, and the two start on a journey where they encounter various machinations of the martial arts world. The two develop feelings for each other become a means of each other’s redemption.
What has destiny planned for the two souls, and will they fulfill their goals?
The Sword and the Brocade
Considered to be one of the best Chinese historical dramas of 2021, The Sword and The Brocade revolves around the life of General Xu Ling Yi and his arranged marriage to Shi Yi Niang, who is an assertive woman and believes in the rights of women. Despite the difficulties she faces due to her low social class in her family, she can open her workshop for embroidery from her husband’s support, who continues to fight to save his homeland.
The drama is a beautiful depiction of companionship and love after marriage. How will the young husband and wife face the obstacles and succeed in achieving their dreams?
Song of Youth is a Chinese drama set during the Ming Dynasty and follows the story of Lin Shao Chun, who tries hard to make ends meet after her father loses everything in embezzlement. However, she falls in Love with Sun Yu Lou, who helps her. As a result, she becomes a successful businesswoman and marries the Love of her life.
However, will she be able to find the culprit behind her family’s downfall, and how will her life be after her marriage?
The Rebel Princess
The Rebel Princess is one of the best Chinese historical dramas that revolves around the life of Wang Xuan, a young girl who is married to Xiao Qi, a general. However, despite their odd marriage, the couple forms a good companionship and goes on to investigate a series of evil plots of power struggles against the Imperial court.
Will the young couple be able to save the kingdom from utter chaos after they become the rulers, or will they escape the deadly plot against them?
The joy of Life is a popular Chinese historical drama that has gained quite a lot of attention. The story revolves around Fan Xian, born in Southern Qing, and has his memory of the 21st century. Protected by his grandmother and his mother’s bodyguard, he grows to become a martial arts expert and also an expert in poison. He tries to discover hidden secrets as his life is at risk and meets Princess Lin Waner.
Will the young couple be able to solve the mystery of the threat together or has destiny planned something else?
Princess Agents is one of the best Chinese historical dramas from the backdrop of the chaotic times in Northern Wei. The story revolves around a former slave girl saved by the Prince of Northern Yan. However, the story takes an exciting turn as Yan Xun turns out to be emotionally exploiting Chu Qiao in the quest for revenge. Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue join hands to stop Yan Xun from his deadly exploits.
Will the protagonists be successful in their mission, or will there be a love triangle that will keep lives at stake?
Set during the Tang Dynasty, The Long Ballad is a Chinese drama that revolves around the love story of Li Chang ge, a princess who lost her family due to court politics, and Ashile Sun, the son of a tribal king. As the Tribal king plots against the court of Tang, Li Chang ge has to take action to stop the tribal king. Both the young lovers are deemed as enemies of the tribal kingdom.
However, a bigger enemy is plotting against both the Tang and Qaghan kingdoms. Will the lovers be able to save their kingdoms as well as each other?
Palace of Devotion is one of the best Chinese historical dramas that revolves around the life of Liu E, who was a concubine. She caught the attention of the emperor Zhao Heng and later went on to become the Empress. She also served as a regent to Song Dynasty and adopted a son who later became an emperor. Liu E ruled the kingdom until her husband’s death.
The drama is full of Love, politics, and the will of an empress to serve her people despite all odds. What new turn will Liu E’s life take if the audience wants to know?
Considered one of the best Chinese historical dramas, Chinese Paladin is adapted from The Legend of Sword and Fairy. The story revolves around an orphan, Li Xiao Yao, who travels to a mystical land to get an antidote for her ailing aunt. However, he meets Zhao Ling’er, whom he marries. However, the couple is faced with eternal torment from the Lunar Sect Cult and is saved by a mysterious man.
The couple discovers their history and falls in love with each other again. Will they save themselves from their enemies, or will they sacrifice love?
Considered to be one of the best Chinese historical dramas, Goodbye My Princess revolves around the lives of Qu Xiaofeng, a princess, and Li Chengyin, a crown prince. Li Chengyin disguises himself as a tea merchant to gain Qu Xiaofeng’s trust to become the crown prince by infiltrating Qu Xiaofeng’s kingdom. However, when this is revealed, the betrayed young princess, heartbroken in love, jumps into the River of Forgetfulness.
Even though both the lovers are married, the painful memories of the past are ready to haunt as they battle the cruel schemes and politics of the Eastern Palace. Will old memories come back, or will the lovers overcome the hardships?
The scarlet heart is one of the most famous Chinese historical dramas that revolves around the life of a modern-day woman who travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty after an accident. She gets trapped in her younger self, in her old incarnation, and even though she resists the palace intrigues, she gets involved in a power struggle for the throne.
Ma’er’tai Roux, the protagonist, also falls in love with the young Prince. A series of adventures, action, politics, and emotional drama follows that keeps the audience hooked till the last.
Bloody Romance is one of the best Chinese historical dramas that revolves around the life of a woman who is forced to work in a brothel. Set during the Tang Dynasty, Qi Xue turns into a cold-blooded assassin to survive. On her journey, she has to face criminals, psychopaths, and murders in the Tang Dynasty, which makes the series quite a fascinating one.
The strong female characters in such women-centric dramas have grabbed quite a lot of attention. But, with Chang An as her savior, will both get out of the deadly controversy for the power they get involved in?
The Journey of Flower
The Journey of Flower is one of the worth-watching Chinese historical dramas inspired by a fictional novel of the same name. The series revolves around two deities, Hua Qiango and Bai Zihua, who meet under adverse circumstances, but both have a change of heart towards each other. With Hua Qiango being Zihua’s only disciple, both of them fall in Love and what follows is a series of adventures that tests the lovers.
The series is full of action scenes, adventures, mystery, and Love that have kept the viewers hooked to the show for a long time.
Legend of the Qin is one of the best Chinese historical dramas and was adapted from Qin Moon, an animation series inspired by a novel of the same name. Set during the Qin Dynasty, the story centers around the life of a young boy Jing Tianming who is faced with violence, cruel enemies, complicated relationships, and Love yet goes on to change the course of history.
The drama is full of action scenes, adventure, emotional instances, and palace politics to keep the audience hooked and give insight into one of the most defining moments in Chinese history.
God of War, Zhao Yun
Inspired by Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a 14th-century novel, God of War, Zhao Yu is one of the best Chinese historical dramas. The story focuses on Zhao Zilong, a great military general, and takes us into the Three kingdoms period in China’s history. The storyline depicts the general’s life aspects from his background, adventures, personality, and professional and personal battles.
The series is full of action, drama, emotional roller coaster, and historical incidents to keep the audience hooked. What more is there to the general’s life is explored through the series.
Eternal Love also called Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, is one of the most famous Chinese historical dramas adapted from the book of the same name called Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. This Chinese drama depicts a story span spanning several lifetimes and periods. The story revolves around two deities, Bai Qian and Ye Hua, who fall in Love that stand the test of three lifetimes.
The story is full of mystical figures, deities, and demons and depicts how love has its complications. Spread across three different worlds, this story gives the viewers a roller coaster ride of emotions.
Sound of the Desert
Sound of the Desert is a Chinese historical drama that depicts the life of a nameless girl without parents raised in the desert by wolves. However, things change for her when she meets her foster father. After her father is killed, she is rendered in the desert but decides to come back into mainstream society. She meets two young men and falls in Love with one of them but is spurned. This leads to a fascinating Love Triangle.
The show is full of funny moments, friendship, and emotional drama that will keep the audience hooked for a long time.
Considered as one of the loved Chinese dramas that revolve around women, The Imperial Doctress is about the life of a strong-willed woman who takes on every odd she is faced with and overcomes them. Tan Yun Xian has to keep her identity as a medical practitioner a secret to save herself from society’s suppression.
However, things become more complicated when she falls in Love with Zhu Qizen and Zhu Qiyu, the royal siblings who compete for the throne. Will Yun Xian become a famous doctor and what turn her love life will take will keep the audience hooked.
Legend of Lu Zhen is a Chinese historical drama that centers around the life of Le Zhen, a powerful woman who aspires to be the first Woman Prime Minister of the kingdom. She falls in love with the Crown Prince, but obstacles due to class differences meet their Love. Le Zhen is a talented woman and makes her way up to the ranks through her skills and intelligence.
However, many enemies are lurking in the shadows. Will Le Zhen become the Prime Minister and save her relationship, or will she lose everything?
This Chinese drama revolves around the first emperor of China and Sun Li, the daughter of a commander. The story centers around how Sun Li gets married to Ying Zheng, the first emperor of China, to save her childhood lover’s life. However, she falls in Love with Zheng and is loved and respected in the harem with time due to her intelligence and kindness.
The wuxia drama is full of Romance, palace politics, suspense, and a love triangle that will put lives at stake. The king’s Woman is one of the most loved Chinese historical dramas.
Considered one of the best Chinese historical dramas, Nirvana in Fire is set during a tumultuous time in Chinese history when the northern and southern dynasties were at war. This Chinese drama revolves around the story of Lin Shu, who stirs up controversy in Jin Ling as a way of bringing to justice the injustice done to his family and 70000 Chian Soldiers who were labeled as traitors many years ago.
This infamous Chinese drama is known for its fantastic screenplay and content and presents the audience with a roller coaster of emotions.
This Chinese historical drama depicts the story of a stubborn slave girl named Fu Yao and how she transforms herself into a powerful woman. Set in the Five Kingdoms Universe, the story is adapted from Tianxia Guiyuan’s book Empress Fuyao. This woman-centric Chinese drama depicts the journey of Fu Yao across all the kingdoms to set herself free from a curse.
The Legend of Fu Yao is full of adventures, action, thrill, Romance, palace intrigues, and royal politics that will keep the audience hooked.
The historical drama is adapted from a novel called Battle Through The Heavens. The drama is set in ancient China and is about a child who learns martial arts. However, has not progressed as expected in his martial arts training. His life takes an unexpected turn when an older man helps him enhance his martial arts skills. The boy discovers the truth about his family’s assassination and seeks justice.
This Chinese drama is full of fantasy, superpowers, revenge, emotions, and relationships and is an excellent Chinese historical drama to watch.
Considered one of the best Chinese historical dramas, this drama is adapted from Feng Nong’s novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated. The 2017 Chinese drama depicts a heart-wrenching story of two rivals, Bai Pingting, an intelligent war strategist from the Yan Kingdom, and Chu Beijie, the general -Prince of the Kingdom of Jin. As the two protagonists fall in Love, they face many obstacles as they belong to rival kingdoms.
The series depicts how loyalty to the country comes with a price to sacrifice many things, including family and Love.
Like many other historical dramas, the drama is based upon Song of Phoenix by Liang Zhenhua. The plotline revolves around Qu Yan, an infamous Chinese poet during the Warring States times. The prodigy falls in Love with a slave girl. Even though their relationship defies the class and caste restrictions, they are ready to face any obstacles together, and the young prodigy has to save his country.
Will their Love be accepted, and Qu Yan saves the country are the questions that will keep the audience hooked to the show.
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace
The drama has been adapted from Liu Lianzi’s novel, Hou Gong Ru Yi Zhuan, and depicts the story of Emperor Qianlong’s marriage to Empress Ruyi. As the series progresses, the Empress’s constant battles to move up to the ranks of Empress depict her treacherous and challenging life. Even after becoming the Empress, she has to face obstacles, and her relationship with her husband and family is put to the test.
The drama is a realistic depiction of the evolution of royal relationships, the condition and insecurities of women in the court, and the internal politics in royal palaces.
Considered one of the best Chinese dramas, Legend of the Dragon Pearl revolves around the love story of the young Prince of the Qing Dynasty named Kang Xi and the princess of the Ming Dynasty, Yi Huan. As a regent takes over the throne of the kingdom, Kang Xi is faced with a threat to his life, and the oppressive government does everything in its power to stop Kang Xi claim his throne.
As Kang Xi finds solace in Princess Yi Huan and is treated as an equal and experience true friendship and Love. The drama depicts the beautiful side of Love and friendship.
This Chinese historical drama series is based upon Shi Siye’s novel, Lost Love in Time, and the plotline revolves around the love story of Qincheng, a witch, and Yuang Ling of Wei, a prince. The Prince is saved by the witch, after which their beautiful love story begins. However, the state is not accepted even after they get engaged.
The drama is full of fantasy, complicated love, and fantastic chemistry. Will the lovers save their relationship, or will their relationship spell a disaster?
Based on the novel The Poisonous Daughter by Qin Jian, the drama is based upon the life of a royal princess named Feng Xin’er. The drama’s plotline explores the themes of politics and vengeance as the young princess is left all alone after the royal family is slaughtered. As a result, she takes up the identity of Li Wei Young and enters the enemy’s palace as the daughter of the Prime Minister.
Will the princess seek her revenge, or will her identity be exposed? This exciting drama is full of twists and turns that will keep you hooked to the show till the end.
This famous historical drama takes place in the Tang Dynasty, and the plotline revolves around a young man who seeks justice and fights for it. But unfortunately, the man’s whole family is slaughtered, so he turns vengeful. Even though he manages to escape, his life revolves around seeking revenge, and things take a complicated turn when he meets a girl.
However, there is more to the meek girl who later reveals herself as a reincarnation of someone powerful from the past who is destined to bring about chaos. Ever Night is considered to be one of the best Chinese historical dramas.
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This is clearly just your opinion because you put a lot of titles that have an IMDB rating less than 8 at a higher spot than those that are 8 and above.
Some here are even below 7, if they were among the best, they would have garnered a higher rating.
Also how “Ashes of Love” is missing and “Eternal Love” and “Nirvana in Fire” not in the top 5 is beyond me as these iconic 3 are usually in most top lists.
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