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Buying a Bugatti is a bit more complicated than picking one off the lot. Here’s a list of demands this hypercar brand puts on its potential customers.
Bugatti actually launched way back in 1909, a whopping 111 years ago. And although their production line didn’t quite resemble what it is today, they always put forth incredible bodies of work, in every sense of the term. They actually went defunct, as they were originally known, in the sixties—1963 to be precise—but were later purchased by Hispano-Suiza and revamped. They were to be subsequently known as Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. And thankfully so!
Since then, the company has produced what are known to be some of the greatest luxury supercars in history, and we’d have to very much agree with those claims. One needs to only look at the legendary models recently brought together in Dubai to see how revered these cars can be.
But ownership is a little more serious than just applying for credit and picking one out of the lot. Apparently, it’s quite serious business purchasing a Bugatti, and here we’ve got quite a list of demands Bugatti puts on potential buyers.
Obviously … right? A car like this wouldn’t exactly go for peanuts, now would it? We’d imagine that this one here would go for a whole field of peanuts, and perhaps many years worth at that. So if you don’t have the cash, don’t even bother trying to get one of these.
Interestingly, Bugatti requires no proof of finance for potential buyers. In fact, serious buyers become obvious after a brief conversation with the salesperson and can proceed to the next steps of buying one, according to Top Gear.
So yeah … if you can get through the pitch at the factory, then you’re pretty much good to go. The pitch starts easy enough, but let’s face it, you’ve gotta be a pretty serious car geek to go through all those stages. Think Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, but for car freaks!
First, they take you through the history, then the mechanics behind the car. You even get to touch individual pieces that went into making the car! If you’re still on your feet after all this, you’re good to go.
What we mean by this is that the company won’t just pitch the vehicle to ant Tom, Dick, or Harry. They think long and hard about what clients to pitch to, and a lot goes into that decision. The sale of a single Bugatti is conducted more like a business deal than a car purchase.
A whole plan is laid out – and a detailed plan at that. Therefore, the sales team knows before they go in for the sale, what to expect in terms of questions and of course what else they’re getting into.
And don’t think that you can purchase one of these and have your cousin Joe from down the street work on the engine of your brand new Veyron! Heck no! The company obliges you to go to registered Bugatti locations to do any and all work on your new vehicle. They will not trust just anyone on one of these; especially weekend mechanics.
If you aren’t willing to keep up quite the tight schedule when it comes to tire changes, then don’t even bother buying a Bugatti. The company suggests you change the tires every 2,500 miles.
After the serious customers are identified, they can proceed to the next steps of purchasing a Bugatti. One of those steps, apart from the interview, is the test drive. Yes, every serious buyer is allowed to test drive a multi-million dollar Bugatti for as much as a few hours. BUT breaking the car means they have to purchase it.
Now if you’re planning on doing some work to your Bugatti, that isn’t a problem, per se. As long as you’re planning on making it as original as possible, you should be okay, but if you’re planning on just making it look like any other vehicle, the company may have a problem with that.
Many big list name celebrities are actually Bugatti owners, and of course, many rappers have featured at least one Bugatti car in one of their videos. What other car could have perfectly summed up the riches that can be made by rapping about big houses and epic cars, right? The perfect choice. And they’re doing just what Bugatti wants them to, which is endorsing the brand.
How many times have Sylvester Stallone, Arnold, or even Ronaldo, featured here, been seen in public sporting one of the Bugatti vehicles? Too many to count, that’s for sure. So yeah, they’re doing just what they signed on the dotted line to do: endorse, endorse, and endorse.
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Each Bugatti Chiron is custom made according to the customer’s preferences and desires after the said customer passed all checks and interviews by the company to qualify for purchase. Before that, however, Bugatti requires you to send a massive downpayment – £200,000 ($250,000) to be exact, and another one (probably even more) before the car starts production. The rest is paid when the car is ready to be handed over.
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As it turns out, your overall image comes into play here. And believe us when we tell you, if you’re infamous for one reason or another, the company will know or find out. And if your image, in terms of style, doesn’t meet up to the company’s standards … well, we’re sure we don’t need to tell you what could happen.
And there are indeed events held annually by the company, and if you’re not willing to attend them, and maybe even show off your very own Bugatti, then you shouldn’t even be considering purchasing one of these incredible machines altogether.
Like we said: You’re going to be somewhat of an ambassador, so be ready for the work that lies ahead. Think of it as a really good club to join.
This would definitely be considered a step in the right direction indeed. This essentially would mean like you’re pre-approved, and if you’ve never been pre-approved for anything, it can certainly feel pretty special. But if you haven’t been invited, it sure isn’t a good sign, and you might as well try anything you can to get that invitation. Apparently it’s quite the way to purchase a Bugatti.
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If you aren’t willing to do the time … we’re sure you know the rest. And as it turns out, this company does all kinds of background checks. After applying to purchase a Bugatti, the company checks your background, leaving no stone unturned.
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